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NFT Weekly Report - SPECIAL ISSUE #7 - NFT Weekly Report
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Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
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Welcome to the sixth special edition of my newsletter, the first of the two specials for June.
Today I wanted to cover, again, a very beautiful collection with incredible growth potential, given the beautiful art and the very engaging community.
Welcome to the world of “The Heist”!
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The collection
The Heist is a beautiful collection of 1029 items created by a female artist, Melanie Mercado, fashion designer, and illustrator, “God” on Twitter 😊
I highly recommend taking a look at their website, where you will find more info about the project and the artist.
I asked the founder Melanie to give me a few insights on the project, an exclusive for this newsletter. Here is what she said:
This project to me is beyond NFT’s. Five years ago I hit rock bottom, and to come back from that it took me escaping from reality and burying my nose in illustrations. A comic book story that showcases fantasies provoked by real-life situations that I could not carry out for fear of prosecution. (Lol let’s be honest- fantasies can’t be censored).
From that original story line and comic book pages we pulled together a project to allow the holders to escape, to dream, to fantasize with us.
Our NFTs are new Identities that will allow you to get lost and step out of reality.
As the community and the project grows we will create and immerse the holders beyond the pages of this comic book and into a virtual and augmented reality where they will find themselves being part of The Heist World.”
- Mel aka God the Creator of The Heist World
Basic info
Mint date: Jan 17 (actually first round of mint was in Nov/Dec)
Buckle up Up Agents 🧨🧨theres only 5 HEIST WAR 1/1 Legendaries left!

🚨STARTS at 12:00 PM ET🚨
🚨END tonight 11:00 PM ET🚨

Your presence is required at the Temple by 10:45 PM ET

See you all 🔜


#lfg #NFTdrop
Supply Development
The collection is pretty small at the time being (read, more exclusive) and on average every holder owns more or less 3 items.
To be improved: number of investors. It would be great to see that % growing, more investors mean more stability of the floor price and the total value of the collection.
They run flash mints every now and then and the goal would be to make this a 10K items collection. Very different approach compared to other projects.
Floor Tickness
Two words: incredibly thin. There are only 55 items listed for sale and only 37 items away from 1 ETH floor. Just a little volume and this collection could literally skyrocket. Current floor is 0.055 ETH.
At the time of writing, a whale could invest 10 ETH to purchase 43 items and bring the floor price to 1 ETH.
Floors are incredibly thin
Floors are incredibly thin
Holding Duration
Very positive KPI: most assets have NEVER been sold since mint, almost 85% (850 items roughly). This KPI is very healthy, people who minted this collection never had any purpose of selling. EVER.
Blue Chip Holders
The blue index, kindly provided by
The blue index, kindly provided by
Almost 10% of the wallets owning an item of this collection also hold some blue-chip collections. This number is pretty low, but not that bad. A comparison? Deadfellaz has an index higher than 40%.
A very beautiful collection with a very active community. I am looking forward to seeing how the collection will evolve and what the founders will put in place to provide value to the holders.
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