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NFT Weekly Report - SPECIAL ISSUE #5 - The Builders - NFT Weekly Report
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Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
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Welcome to the fifth special edition of my newsletter, the first of the two specials in May.
Each special issue is usually focused on one #NFT collection only, a collection that in my experience is undervalued both in terms of art and community.
This time I wanted to make it a bit different, focusing on collections that could be off the radar for some new entrants in the #NFT arena, (because those were launched in 2021) and have something in common: they BUILD and keep BUILDING regardless of the market conditions. is the official NFT marketplace aggregator of this newsletter is the official NFT marketplace aggregator of this newsletter
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1. Robotos
Robotos is one of those collections I mentioned multiple times in my newsletter.
Last time, I mentioned them because their floor price has been going down for a while, something that is good and bad. No one likes seeing the floor price falling, but it’s also a great opportunity to buy and join an incredible community of builders.
If you look at the graph below, you can easily see some repeating patterns, something that led me to think the price will grow again soon.
Launched: August 2021
Current floor price: 0.27 ETH
Pinned tweet:
What they built
  • different virtual Microverses where botos can move and “live”
  • other side-collections like Robo Pets
  • a way to send Valentine cards by minting a custom #NFT
  • a deal with Time Studios to build an animated children’s series based on Robotos
  • a lot of other cool things… (check their website for more)
2. Toy Boogers
Toy Boogers is another collection I mentioned a few times in this newsletter in the course of the past months.
Launched in November last year, a few things make this collection worth including in this list:
  • 3333 items that are actually handmade 1/1s. Each Toy Booger is unique, it’s not a generative collection.
  • The best new projects I came across during the past months are due to the collaborations they made with Toy Boogers
  • the artist, Doug, is a very friendly person (and collector himself) who loves interacting with holders and wannabe-holders on Twitter.
  • joining the Toy Boogers is like joining a family.
There is actually a new collection now, launched a few days ago, that is part of the Boogers family, Kitbash Boogers, created from the collaboration between Dead Fellaz, Cool Cats, Toy Boogers and Robotos. I mentioned it in the previous issue of this newsletter.
Launched: November 2021
Current floor price: 0.19 ETH
Pinned tweet:
Toy Boogers 🍌🐱🤖👺🍕🦄🍡
Kitbash Boogers is SOLD OUT!!!

Congrats and thank you to everyone who minted! This is a historic first-of-its-kind collab collection made up of traits from four top projects! @ToyBoogers @robotosNFT @coolcatsnft & @Deadfellaz A celebration of what we love about web3 and NFTs! 🥰
What they built
  • two collections (3333 Toy Boogers and 1111 Kitbash Boogers)
  • an amazing and very active community
  • tons of collaborations
  • a deal with Time Studios to bring Toy Boogers to Kids TV (similar to what they did with Robotos)
A lot more is coming in the next months:
  • a new generative NFT collection, free mint for Toy Boogers and Kitbash Boogers holders
  • strong metaverse presence
  • more initiatives to strenghten Toy Boogers brand IRL
3. Gutter Cat Gang
Gutter Cat Gang is a project launched in June 2021 with 3333 “cats” living in the Ethereum blockchain. The project is actually not only about cats, since other species were added later:
It’s interesting to see that all these projects grew quite a lot over time, a sign that the community is very strong and the team is continuously delivering.
Unlike other “companion drops”, the additional species were very successful, reaching significant ATH. For example, Gutter Dogs reached 2.8 floor price, Gutter rats 2.25 and Gutter Pigeons 2.2.
The main collection, though, was the one that touched the highest values, with the highest floor price at 10 ETH.
Right now the cheapest entry to the Gutter family is Gutter Clones (mentioned in the previous issue), with a current floor price of 0.119.
Launched: June 2021
Current floor price: 4.44 ETH
Pinned tweet:
What they built
  • FIVE collections (3333 Cats, 3000 Rats, 3000 Dogs, 3000 Pigeons, 3000 Clones)
  • an amazing and very active community, a web3 social “club”, where NFTs work as membership tokens
  • active presence in various metaverses, like Gutter City on Sandbox
  • various additional membership perks
  • a lot of merch
4. Lazy Lions
This is a very important collection to me, since it’s my “own” brand, given my Twitter pfp has been the lion above for quite some time now.
I already featured it on the issue #14 of this newsletter.
Like other collections, the floor price is currently suffering from the current market conditions, but during one of the latest bull run, the floor price reached almost 3 ETH. In any case, they are definitely part of those builders who keep building.
Launched: August 2021
Current floor price: 0.8 ETH
Pinned tweet:
What they built
  • nice pfps NFTs. the lions looks nice and colorful, everyone like them at first sight. Nothing too fancy, but very well designed.
  • community: very strong community, always very responsive on Twitter and Discord. One of my tweets has been, so far, the most retweeted by them.
  • a brand: Their team is doxxed and clearly stated in different occasions that their goal is building a brand.
  • rewards: if you are a faithful and active member of the community, you are rewarded with their “roarwards”.
  • sub-communities: there are several sub-communities, driven by the main traits of the pfps. For example I am part of the LLPD, Lazy Lions Police Department, but there are many more. Those communities could also be found on their Discord, with dedicated channels.
  • upcoming Lazy Cubs, a companion collection that will drop this month, free for Lions.
5. Dead Fellaz
This is one of my favourites. A “historical” collection, led by a woman, that you should own regardless of the price, just because it’s a piece of the NFT history.
10.000 pieces, launched in August 2021, followed by another 10K items collection, DeadFrenz, launched a few months later, more accessible in terms of entry price (0.14 ETH at the time of writing).
The ATH for Dead Fellaz, 4.8 ETH, like for many other collections, was in January this year, during the NFT bull run. The graph below shows a price movement not much different from many other collections, suffering from a period of bear market.
Right now, we have the lowest entry-price since Dec last year. A great opportunity to join this amazing collection.
Launched: August 2021
Current floor price: 1 ETH
Pinned tweet:
The news is out! We are thrilled to be working with the team at @unitedtalent who deeply understand our vision for the future of Deadfellaz. 🧟‍♀️💥
What they built
  • two incredible NFT collections, for a total of 20K items available
  • merch/stickers
  • various partnerships with different brands
  • 3D animated avatars, with different utilities attached (metaverse)
  • new projects for musician (Defi Death)
  • new roadmap for Deadfrenz, focusing on P2E gaming
  • tons of partnerships and giveaways
  • partnership with Toy Boogers for the Kitbash Boogers collection
Special Mention: Sappy Seals
To be honest, mentioning only 5 collections in this list is very limiting.
So, I couldn’t leave Sappy Seals out. Don’t forget this issue is about builders who keep building, collections launched in 2021 that are still here providing value for their holders.
So, what about the seals?
If we speak about builders, probably they are those who built the most.
Only roughly 200 seals are available on the market (seals are a protected species after all!) since most of the 10K items are stacked.
Launched: August 2021
Current floor price: 0.6 ETH
Pinned tweet:
Sappy Seals NFT
Our Q4 2021 - Q2 2022 roadmap is here 🤩

Welcome to the Pixelverse! 🎮
What they built
  • two incredible NFT collections, for a total of 25K items available (Sappy Seals and Pixl Pets)
  • a new crypto token, $PIXL
  • stacking system to earn $PIXL - almost 90% of the Seals are stacked
  • a metaverse
  • …a lot more coming…
Did you enjoy this issue?
Thanks for reading! Is there anything missing that you would like to see in the future issues?
If you would like to suggest something to cover in this newsletter, please feel free to drop me a line on Twitter ;-)
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