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NFT Weekly Report - Issue #19 - NFT Weekly Report
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Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
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1. NFT Projects to Watch
The Heist
Floor:  0.059 ETH
Very small collection of hand-drawn female characters by a woman artist, Melanie Mercado, very well designed and part of a larger story. You can find more on their website.
Cyber Brokers
Floor:  3 ETH
A bit under the radar, but performing quite well regardless of the market conditions. 0.35 mint price, went up to almost 7 ETH floor price and now roughly half of that. Must watch.
OG Crypto Puppets
Floor: 1.25 ETH
Very small collection (111 items) by street artist Lapo Fatai. Volume is very low, but only if you really like the art.
Kawaii Skull
Floor: 0.029
A 10K collection that wants to represent Japanese pop culture.
Meta Legends
Floor: 0.097 ETH
I have been following this collection for a while. A few fellow Lazy Lions members who are part of it say the community is incredible and the team is building a lot of stuff for the community. 12345 items ;-)
2. Featured collection: Degen Toonz
This week I wanted to focus on Degen Toonz, a collection not too old (launched in 2022), that gained a lot of attention from the NFT community.
The PFP NFTs have a retro appeal, featuring cartoon-style cats that showcase great personality and style. In a nutshell, we are in front of high-quality art.
It didn’t sell out in a day, it took a week, something that in 2021 we would have seen as a “bad start”. In this case, it was not a bad start at all, but exactly the opposite. The community they built is incredible and every time I mention them on Twitter, my tweets get an incredible number of interactions from their community members.
For example, 90% of the interactions in the tweet below were from Degen Toonz community members.
filos.eth 🇮🇹🥋☕️🦁🤖
There are two #NFT collections that have been under the radar for a while:

1) @Deadfellaz
2) @DegenToonz

If you had to pick one, what would you get and why?
As you can see from the tweet above, just a few days ago the collection had a floor price of 0.786.
Total items for sale: 734 / 8888 (8.2%) - quite low percentage of items for sale, something that is always very good.
Current floor: 1.6 ETH (was 0.7 just a few days ago)
A very interesting fact? During the NFT bear market we all experienced in the past few weeks, where most NFT collections saw a big drop in price, the floor price of this collection wasn’t affected at all, on the contrary, it went up! It was around 0.4/0.5 on April 18th, and now it has almost doubled. VERY impressive.
As you can see from the chart below, the number of listings between 1 and 1.5 is very high. With a lot more volume, surpassing that wall should be easy and, on theory, this is a project that could really skyrocket very soon.
3. Up&Down
Up: Degen Toonz
Floor: 1.6 ETH
It’s actually not a real “up”, but actually something a bit different: as I mentioned in the paragraph above, the NFT bear market didn’t touch Degen Toonz floor price at all, on the contrary, the floor price went UP during this bad market condition, skyrocketing. Pretty unique in this space and a sign that the community is VERY strong (i.e., holders didn’t paperhanded any item of the collection).
Down: Azuki
Floor: 13.5 ETH (recovering)
Price a few days ago: 22-25 ETH
The gossip of the week was around Azuki, something that led to a sudden drop of the floor price, touching almost 7ETH (3 to 4 times less). You can find the detailed story here.
Azuki NFT founder, ZAGABOND.ETH, has just admitted to abandoning 3 failed NFT projects before launching the Azuki NFT collection. Soon enough, a rumor started to circulate that the Cool Cats team was behind ZAGABOND.ETH coming clean about his past projects.
4. Apps & Services: NF Sea Tools
NF Sea Tools is a service that helps you get lots of data and statistics about any NFT collection.
It’s not much different from other services like Icy.Tools for example and, like that service, most features are under subscription, for a cost of 0.1 ETH for 6 months ($200 at the time of writing, i.e. roughly $33 / month at the current exchange rate, cheaper than $75 / month subscription).
You can find the trending collections, those minting, a calendar for future drops and so on. You can easily play with their UI, very useful to make thoughtful decisions about your “next move” in the NFT space.
The main user interface of
The main user interface of
5. NFT Basics: beware of scammers!
Unfortunately, the NFT space is full of scammers. For this reason, this week I wanted to share a few simple tips to avoid being involved in a scam, something that could cost you your entire NFT collection.
  • use a hot empty wallet for mint purposes - in theory, no NFTs must be available on that wallet. This is because you could mint from a scammer’s website or even from a legit site that was hacked.
  • use a hard wallet to store your crypto and NFTs or, alternatively, a very secure crypto wallet like ZenGo.
  • trust only links shared through official channels. If a new collection is minting, they would never DM you to share this information with you. Never click on links received by DM (on Twitter or Discord) and also never connect your wallet to those websites.
  • surprise mint sessions are unlikely. Don’t trust links shared by Twitter accounts that “seem” legit or even verified accounts. Always check the Twitter handle twice.
  • buy or sell NFTs only through official marketplaces or through marketplaces aggregators like Someone who wants either sell you an NFT at a very low price or buy yours at a very high price and asks you to complete the transaction in some other way is likely a scammer who will steal something from your wallet.
Have you ever been involved in a scam? If yes, please share your experience with me on Twitter.
Did you enjoy this issue?
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