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Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
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1. NFT Projects to Watch
From the collection "Regulars"
From the collection "Regulars"
Otherdeed for Otherside
Floor:  3.379 ETH
The project everyone was talking about last weekend. By Yugalabs, the creators of Bored Apes Yacht Club. Lots of critics as well as praises. Price is relatively low, given the mint price. Are you getting a land in the Otherside?
Floor: 0.32 ETH
A very interesting collection, pretty unique art by P0pps. These definitely caught my attention and the floors are pretty thin.
Veefriends Series 2
Floor: 0.697 ETH
If you are a Garyvee follower, a must-buy. Not that cheap, though. Also, 50K items, for sure a very good deal for the team…
Bobu Token
Floor: 0.15 ETH
Not a regular NFT for sure.
Bobu Tokens are an experiment in decentralized IP, brought to you by Bobu (Azuki #40), an honest bean farmer, will become one with the Azuki Community. Bobu Tokens are a way to join an experiment in decentralized character IP governance. Bobu Tokens grant access to closed discord channels, Proposal voting, and more surprises. Visit for more details.
A cheap way to enter the Azuki world.
Gutter Clones
Floor: 0.149
A cheap entry to the Gutter Cat Gang family. To be honest, I like them better than the original ones.
A Gutter Rat-clone
A Gutter Rat-clone
2. Featured collection: Kitbash Boogers
A very beautiful item from the Kitbash Boogers collection
A very beautiful item from the Kitbash Boogers collection
Every week I feature a collection I like and believe is worth joining. This week my choice goes to Kitbash Boogers.
This collection is unique because it’s the result of a collaboration between a few historic and well-known collections: Toy Boogers, Cool Cats, Robotos and Dead Fellaz. For those who have been following the space since early 2021, I just mentioned a few very familiar names, collections that can be considered pioneers in this space.
The artist behind the collection is Doug, the same artist who brought to life Toy Boogers. Owning a Kitbash Booger means becoming part of the Boogers family.
Like Toy Boogers, each item of the Kitbash Boogers collection is actually a 1/1.
I featured Toy Booger in issue #4 of this newsletter. Unfortunately, the market conditions are not great now. I predicted a floor price of 2 ETH by end of Q1, but competition and the bear market are killing the floor price of most collections launched in 2021.
Total items for sale: 324 / 1111 (29%) - it is actually a very high percentage of items for sale.
Current floor: 0.15 ETH
Currently it could be a good timing to enter and consider that this is a collection that is barely 1 week old (launched on April 30).
Volume, items for sale and floor price below mint price are usually not great signs for a collection, but this is part of the Toy Boogers family, with an incredible track record of great achievements for the community. So I am bullish on the future.
The very good news? There are 921 owners for a 1111 items collection, almost 1 item each. This stat is INCREDIBLE and it is a very healthy indicator.
Toy Boogers 🍌🐱🤖👺🍕🦄🍡
Kitbash Boogers is SOLD OUT!!!

Congrats and thank you to everyone who minted! This is a historic first-of-its-kind collab collection made up of traits from four top projects! @ToyBoogers @robotosNFT @coolcatsnft & @Deadfellaz A celebration of what we love about web3 and NFTs! 🥰
As you can see from the chart below, floors are very thin, so it just takes a slightly higher volume to make the floor price grow.
Sales trends over time
Sales trends over time
3. Up&Down
Up: Kumaverse Genesys
Floor yesterday: 0.1 ETH
Floor now: 0.24 ETH
Launched a on May 5th, the floor price dropped to 0.1 post reveal, but now the sales volume is going up very quickly and the floor price is growing accordingly. Good timing to enter? I would wait for a few days to see if the volume keeps growing.
Kumaverse Sales Volume
Kumaverse Sales Volume
Down: Shinsekai Corp
Floor: 0.054 ETH
Price pre-reveal: 0.5/0.6 ETH
This is one of the collections I mentioned in my special issue about Anime/Manga collections. Expectations were very high by the community, but some unfortunate events and some problems within the team made people want to exit. Currently, the floor price is 10 times less than the pre-reveal price.
4. Apps & Services: Mintalytics
Mintalytics is another service that allows you to get the main stats of an NFT collection at a glance.
What I find different from other similar services (and the reason why I like using it every now and then), it’s because it is a no-frills service. It goes straight to the point and provides you with the main life-parameters of any NFT Collection.
A view of the main stats for Kitbash Boogers on Mintalytics
A view of the main stats for Kitbash Boogers on Mintalytics
5. NFT Basics: taking profits!
What may seem obvious, it’s actually not that obvious.
Taking profits is an essential part of the NFT investing process. Being liquid is very important in order to catch opportunities when you find them.
This also means doing things that apparently don’t make sense.
  • You buy collection X a few days after reveal
  • floor goes up in 24 hours and it’s now 3x the price you paid.
Question: hold or sell? Why should you sell if you really believe in a certain collection?
Easy: SELL, and make 3x the price you paid. Almost certainly the floor price will go down again and you will be able to buy an item from that collection back again later.
At the beginning of my NFT journey I made the HUGE mistake of not taking profits too many times when I could.
For example, I purchased AKC (Ape Kids Club) for 0.25 and suddenly floor price went up to 1.5 ETH. Instead of selling it, I kept it and sold it later for 0.35. I could have sold, and bought back later, making a very good profit. Lesson learned!
This is the way to go.
Did you enjoy this issue?
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