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1. NFT Projects to Watch
An Avius Animae part of my collection
An Avius Animae part of my collection
The Association (NBA official cards collection)
Floor: 0.03 ETH
What about the NBA players’ cards? 30.000 cards that change dynamically depending on the player’s performance. Cool!
Billionaire Skull Club
Floor: 0.009 ETH
Nice pixelized collection.
Avius Animae
Floor: 0.045 ETH
A very beautiful collection in my opinion.
The Weirdos: Battle Royale
Floor: 0.023 ETH
Weird is an understatement! But I love them.
Atari 50th Anniversary
Floor: 0.03
I love this collection and it’s a must-have for anyone who had the honor to play those historic games on those historic consoles.
2. Featured collection: Ghosts Project
A very rare item from the Ghosts Project Collection
A very rare item from the Ghosts Project Collection
Every week I feature a collection I like and believe is worth joining. This week I would like to feature a pretty unique collection in this space, created and designed by a Korean artist and illustrator, MrMisang.
The story begins back in April 2021 when MrMisang came out with the concept “Modern Life is Rubbish”. He also designed a few creations in the past years, sold on SuperRare and all connected to each other. For example, “Space Hard Rock Machine” was sold for 88 ETH last year. Amazing pieces of art!
The NFT collection he launched back in January this year is called GhostsProject. I got in touch with MrMisang to get more info about the project:
“Everything started from GhostsProject. Through the Fragments, people will learn how all my works are connected to each other. What makes GhostsProject different from my other works(**Modern Life is Rubbish, Masked Workers, Crevasse, Playing Arts**) is that it has a function called MYTY cam. GhostsProject was born from the vision that people should be able to interact with others without having to reveal and use their physical selves. We believe that avatars must function as digital alter egos and therefore should be able to move at our own will. GhostsProject has a unique narrative unlike other works, it is Dao’s voting tool, and derivative creation is open with CC0. These are the things we promised in the roadmap, and fulfilling what we promised is the most important thing.”
In a nutshell, a story made of various pieces all linked together. I would say very fascinating, and I have never seen something like this in any project I reviewed before.
Right now, if you own one or more Ghosts, you can go to their Memories Page and pick a memory for each of your ghosts. Could be a good or bad memory. If you are lucky, this process will unlock a “fragment”, a 1/1 piece of art created by MrMisang and that will be available here.
Fragments are digital toys that are a part of the art project GhostsProject. All Ghosts were a part of one incident. This one incident or an event is illustrated by Fragments. Fragments are 187 1/1 Legendary Comic Cutscene NFT created by MrMisang that portray the universe where Ghosts, MLIR, Masked Workers, and all of his past artworks live. Ghosts are able to discover these 187 Fragments by selecting Memories in the given period of time with a certain probability. You can view the revealed Fragments in order at
Many “big wallets” have joined the project already and every now and then a huge floor sweep happens. Just in the past 12 hours, over 120 items were purchased.
An item from the collection "Fragments". Current floor is 4.9 ETH.
An item from the collection "Fragments". Current floor is 4.9 ETH.
One of the artist's 1/1 sold last year for 88 ETH
One of the artist's 1/1 sold last year for 88 ETH
Total items for sale: 629 / 10000 (6.9%) - it’s a very low %, it means most people buy to hold.
Current floor: 0.15 ETH
As you can see from the chart below, floors are very thin.
What’s next? The last episode of the story is gonna be very interesting… “the possession”. More on their website. Stay tuned.
3. Up&Down
Up: MoonBirds
Mint price: 2.5 ETH on April 17th
Floor now: 28 ETH
Despite the critics for having launched at a crazy high mint price, the lucky owners who minted now see the floor price multiplied by 10. Born to be bluechip for sure.
Down: Creatures World
Floor: 0.45 ETH
An iconic collection that, unfortunately, is not resisting the incredible pressure from the competition. People simply liquidate to buy other new collections. Launched back in 2021, the volume/price chart doesn’t look great, considering that the ATH was over 4 ETH last year.
4. Apps & Services: is a very handy app to see your entire NFT portfolio, on different wallets and different chains. It’s an NFT wallet viewer to consolidate and view all your collections in one place.
For each wallet, you can see all your NFTs, the total value of the wallet, the floor price of each collection, and so on.
5. NFT Basics: undercutting the floor
Undercutting the floor price is something most NFT serious collectors hate.
It’s when someone lists an item at a price BELOW the current floor, i.e. below the minimum price of the collection.
People usually do that so their item will be the cheapest item and more likely to be bought immediately.
The problem comes when sales volumes for a certain collection are not great and people keep listing at lower prices, destroying the floor price of a collection.
This phenomenon could lead to bad consequences for collectors and for the collection itself because the floor price could drop very quickly.
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