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Hunnys is the official NFT collection supporting this newsletter
1. NFT Projects to Watch
IMPS by Supernfty
Love the art of these 3D characters!
Superlative Secret Society
A historical collection by a popular artist from Bali. A great community and lots of IRL initiatives.
Superlative Secret Society
Superlative Proudly Present The #BlendSSS Coloring Event!!

Find out the details on our Discord server!
Good Luck, Everyone😉
#WeLikeTheArt #Bali #NFT #TravelNFT
I am still sleepy
Very beautiful collection, with limited items and stealth drops. Usually sold out immediately. They dropped 4 new items two days ago, all sold out immediately for 0.3 ETH each.
This abstract collection became quite popular after the community discovered the agency behind it (Truth Labs) is the the one that launched also
So today’s a good day to be an @truth holder I see…

We’re always here.
Best Azuki derivative out there. 100% built through AI by Amazing result! Check it out. What’s special other than the art? They will share profits with their holders through their DAO. More here.
A beautiful AI-Zuki from my collection
A beautiful AI-Zuki from my collection
The Cupcakery NFT (coming soon)
It’s a new upcoming collection that will be launched in a few weeks.
Fully doxxed team:
I got in touch with one of the co-founders, who gave me some insights.
The Cupcakery NFT is a food-centric NFT for social good and built with many utilities. 
8,880 cupcakes on the Ethereum blockchain.
Our utilities (From small to big; not chronological)
1. A physical cupcake for holders (delivered by a local bakery close to them - Yes anywhere in the world) - this is a one-time post-mint gift. 
2. IRL Merchandise. 1 Free for each holder.
3. Holders will get a 3D version of their cupcake in the Metaverse. 
4. A community-driven recipe book.
5. Exclusive content: Masterclasses, tutorials, etc from professional bakers.
6. Future ROI via a TMTLabs token that links all future projects with integration in the metaverse. Details TBA, however, proposed returns include tokens and ETH.
1. We’re building some amazing partnerships with other NFT projects. This means WL spots in their projects (and vice versa).
2. Some of these partners include IRL locations where we will potentially open stalls where holders will get discounts. 
3. We’re donating 20% of the mint and royalties to charity in perpetuity. The charity will be focused on world hunger.
To all our unsung heroes, adventurer, storytellers and singers of song... Thank you for giving us the courage to follow our dreams and become the people we are today.

Happy Father's Day!

#happyfathersday #ilovedad #sneakpeek #nft #nfts #nftcommunity #thecupcakerynft
2. 1/1 Artwork of the Week
Starting this week, I introduced a new section dedicated to the best 1/1 artworks I come across on the various 1/1 marketplaces, in particular Foundation, Makersplace and KnownOrigin.
Name: Ooples
Very beautiful artwork by UK artist Mr Phil. This was actually my second purchase on Foundation.
All pieces from Mr Phil are amazing in my opinion. You can find more here.
3. Featured Collection: The Plague NFT
Launch Date: Mid-April, 2022
The Plague Of Frogs 🐸
With our Mint coming THIS FRIDAY we've decided to list MANY of the reasons why @ThePlagueNFT is a different kind of #NFT Project

Get ready for a long thread... it will start out short and then grow as the tweets come!

Reason #1

The Frog Manifesto 👇
It’s a big collection, 11K items. The number above is INACCURATE since they implemented a staking mechanism. The actual holder count is roughly 4K holders. This means the number above would be 36.4%, almost 3 items / holder. It’s a pretty good number.
Most listings are between 0.1 and 0.4 ETH. For the current market conditions, the floors are quite thick, at least to jump to 0.3 floor price.
It’s worth noting that only a few listings are still with the old Opensea contract (blue), while most are with the new Seaport one (violet).
At the time of writing, the floor is 0.11 and there are roughly 30-40 sales/day, a very good number (due also to the NYC event).
Almost 40% of holders never sold since mint, this is a good number, despite some other collections reaching much higher numbers. Only a very small number of holders flip quickly, that is very good.
I would say this is not the type of collection bluechip holders own. The number above is pretty low, only 5.45%. To give you a comparison, Creature World NFT collection is at 42%. Beware, this is not necessarily bad, also because the social activity around this collection shows there is a great community behind it.
Only 3 whales among its holders.
4. Up&Down
Up: Bulls & Apes Project
Floor: 0.5 ETH
Since its launch, this collection has been growing continuously thanks to the incredible team and strong community (and amazing art!). My bet? It will keep growing…
Down: Leave me Alone
Floor: 0.015 ETH
The launch was very good, but unfortunately, the bear market is not helping. I personally like that collection, but there is too much competition out there. New collections need to show a clear differentiator from the competition. Otherwise, this is the result.
5. Apps & Services: is another service to keep track of the NFT market.
The dashboard seems to be very responsive and fast, I enjoyed using it.
Many features are free, while if you want to get access to the premium version of the service, you need to get a lifetime token pass NFT, now at a floor price of 0.47 ETH (not cheap, only 1000 available…).
As you can see below, many fields are available only to premium users. Lots of free services provide that information, so it would be interesting how they are different from the competition, not that easy to understand.
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Thanks to the sponsors, and Hunnys NFT Collection.
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