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NFT Weekly Report #24 - NFT Weekly Report
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Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
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Hunnys is the official NFT collection supporting this newsletter
1. NFT Projects to Watch
Another Manga project, very beautiful. Launched 10 days ago.
Vivid is revealing!

Make sure you refresh your metadata before you trade. Share your Vivid NFTs below!
The first NFT collection for the Lacoste brand. Floor price growing very quickly as we speak.
Do you know why crocodiles keep their mouths open?🐊

To shout: SOLD OUT.🔥🥳

And to recognize the 8577 members on our 11212 NFT supply, this is our #underwater family.😎

None of this would have been possible without your trust, devotion and creativity.💚 1/2
Fame Lady Squad
One of the first, historical women-led NFT projects, launched in July 2021. A lot of education in the Web3 space for everyone. Great project.
Fame Lady Squad
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With this pod we aim to educate & empower curious minds (especially women!) about the possibilities & innovations in #NFTs & #web3.


All episodes & guests... 🧵👇
A nice fancy collection. No roadmap, only vibes. Check it out and DYOR. Nice, despite the items in my opinion are too similar to 3Landers.
We are excited to announce that Dobies will be having an exclusive holders event at NFT NYC! More details on how to RSVP will be announced in our discord!
Retroooo Town
Very colourful little characters, hand drawn. Minted two days ago.




2. Featured Collection: Wor(l)d - Take 2
A beautiful item from my personal collection
A beautiful item from my personal collection
This is the first time I feature the same collection twice in this newsletter. This collection was already featured here.
The reason why I decided to do so it’s because despite being a new limited edition 40 items 1/1 collection, it’s growing at the speed of light and right now it’s almost impossible to get a new item when dropped.
The latest drop, 3 new items, was SOLD out in a matter of a few minutes.
Let’s see how much this collection really grew.
Consider this an Alpha! The next drop of 3 new items will be later today or tomorrow.
It’s a 40 items collections where Items are released slowly, usually three items at once. 20 items are available so far and only 4 items listed, floor is 7 ETH.
As mentioned above, right now it’s very difficult to get one. Holders have priority on new items and when listed, new items go away in a matter of a few minutes.
Almost 1 month ago, this was the situation:
Right now, instead, this is how it’s going and you can see the growth is impressive!
For this small collection, it’s very easy: only 4 items listed at 7 ETH floor.
Right now there are 5-6 sales per day. Quite normal for a small collection like this, just launched.
We are speaking about collectors here, not people who want to make easy money. Those who buy, hold. They list only at a price that they believe it’s the right one to get rid of such a beautiful piece of art.
Also, 50% of holders bought 2 pieces, only 8.3% have 3. The others, 1.
Most holders, also own blue-chip collections (me included). Not a significant parameter for such a small collection, but it’s interesting to keep an eye on that and how it evolves.
3. Up&Down
Floor: 0.2 ETH
This collection has been growing steadily for the past few days. Reached a ATH of 0.3, now going back a bit, but very promising.
Down: Alfie World
Floor: 0.0045 ETH
After a very good start, for some reason right now there is no sign of recovery. Things change very quickly in this space, so stay tuned, volume is still very good and that’s a good sign.
4. Apps & Services: Flips.Finance is a very useful service to keep track of what’s going on in the NFT market. The UX is pretty nice and easy to use and the service is free.
The main downside is that lots of popular collections are still missing. For example I searched for, a pretty popular collection these days, but nothing was found. Same for other popular collections. So, nice, but could be improved.
The main UI
The main UI
Down here, an example of what a collection page looks like (in the example, Goblins)
A collection's page
A collection's page
5. "Reported for suspicious activity" - Meaning
A lot of times, you can find this alert when trying to buy an item on Looksrare or X2Y2 marketplaces. You can find it also on, as you can see in the image below.
What does it mean?
It usually happens when someone, usually the legit OWNER of the item, reports it on Opensea since it has been stolen from their wallet, due to some scam activity.
This way, Opensea prevents that item from being sold on their marketplace. It’s like avoiding your stolen watch to be sold on eBay.
Legit or not?
My take on this issue
To be honest, despite I understand the logics behind that choice by OpenSea, I don’t agree with that.
Looksrare and X2Y2, as truly decentralised marketplaces, don’t take any action and the reason behind that choice is simple:
  • yes, we are sorry about your loss, but it’s like you lose your wallet or some other things while walking or leaving your bag unattended. It’s YOUR responsibility to avoid that. Web3 is all about YOUR WALLET and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep it safe
  • marking the item, means that items CAN’T be sold anymore on OpenSea. This affects the collection and the owners of the collection
  • think of a small collection, 40 items. Say 90% of holders get scammed on Discord, everyone reports the item… so the Artist will find their collection BANNED from Opensea. Is this LEGIT?
It’s not an easy topic. When you buy an item reported for suspicious activity, take into account you won’t be able to sell it on OS, but on other marketplaces only. Should you feel bad for doing that? There are items reported like that and being sold all the time on other marketplaces, despite the report has been issued months ago. I won’t feel bad.
What do you think? Feel free to send me your opinion on Twitter!
filos.eth 🇮🇹🥋
"Reported for suspicious activity on OpenSea".
Does it still make sense? I think it doesn't. OpenSea should stay neutral, it's not their job.

#NFT Scams are everywhere and WE must be very careful. But after that, it doesn't make sense to remove items from the market forever.
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