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NFT Weekly Report #22 - NFT Weekly Report
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1. NFT Projects to Watch
Boring One
Definitely a funny one. Love that.
Boring ⌓ One
✨500+ Volume Traded . .
Thank you for being bored together . . 😮‍💨🥱

Opensea ::
Secret Society of Whales
If you are a whale, that’s the collection for you.
Secret Society of Whales🐋💎
Congratulations to the Finalists for our 4Eth Project Floor Sweep 🧹 ✨️

Voting is now Open for 48Hrs to Determine which Project we Sweep!

Vote Here:

#TogetherWeWhale 🐳
Whoopsies Doopsies
Nice and colourful characters and pretty impressive roadmap.
Whoopsies Doopsies 🌈
Let’s start a “FACTION WAR” USE hashtag #️⃣ posting what factions you like most. The most active faction commenting and retweeting their favorite factions will be chosen for next giveaway. LFG Whoopsies!
#TeamLanu #TeamCasa #TeamManu #TeamKelta

#NFTProject #WhoopsieDoopsies
Flower Fam
Doodle-like colors for this collection launched a few days ago. Staking system already in place and 88% of the items are staked. Well done.
Flower Fam

@paoloindica is still sitting comfortably in the first place.


Lower ranks are catching up.

And Oasis 2.0 is loading the background...

Will we see a power shift?

Giving away 69 $honeycoin

To join:
RT + Like / Comment "All Hail to the King"
Mems, Voyage One
Pretty interesting collection, the first of a series.
check out some of our summer plans:

just a bite! cheers friends ⛅️
2. Featured Collection: THE RANDOMS
The Randoms is a very promising collection I got to know a few weeks ago. No bells and whistles, just executing towards their goals of supporting and empowering artists.
They also just announced 15 grants of 1 ETH each to support emerging artists.
Not a very high holders number
Not a very high holders number
They planned 8888 items, but given the market conditions, more than 2K items have left to be minted. Given the current floor price, no one is gonna mint at .025. I would stop minting immediately, who is gonna buy at .025 when the current price on secondary is .01? Just my recommendation.
Right now there are 631 items listed, 10% of the total supply.
Most listings are below 0.05 ETH. Like many projects during the bear market, the floor has been falling. Good opportunity to join. The current floor is .008. The floor is not that thin, 250+ to move above 0.05.
Low volume lately, it requires some marketing activity to boost the growth.
Almost 60% of those who minted are holding and never sold. This is a very good number.
Roughly 10% of the total holders have at least 1 Blue-Chip item in their wallet. This number is not very high. To make a comparison, for example 40% of Deadfellaz holders have other blue-chip collections in their wallets. In any case there is time for improvement.
The Randoms
As a project with a long-term vision, we aim to distribute financial help to artists from our community every quarter. 🤝👨‍🎨

The first grants distribution will occur at the beginning of July. 🗓
3. Up&Down
Boki NFT
Up: Boki
Floor: 1 ETH
I highlighted it in the past issue of this newsletter, last week. The floor was around 0.3 at that time. It snowballed, reaching an ATH of 1.8 ETH a few days ago. Nice project, let’s see if they will be able to sustain the growth.
Down: Lazy Lions
Floor: 0.48 ETH
I have been a Lion for a while and it has been my personal brand and PFP on my NFT channels so far. I changed it yesterday, since I am not aligned with what the team is doing anymore. Unfortunately, the floor price in this case shows you very well what is happening.
The fall of the Lions
The fall of the Lions
4. Apps & Services: NFT Track app
Probably the best mobile app to:
  • keep track of your portfolio
  • check what whales are buying or selling
  • discover new collections
  • analyse any NFT collection
  • tons of useful stats and valuable information
I have been using it for a while now, one of the best in the market. And it’s free.
5. Alpha: NFT Collections that will grow
I am in touch with quite a few “whales” and I have some insights that lead me to think the following collections will grow a lot in the next few weeks:
DYOR, but I would keep an eye on these collections.
Internet Frens
Internet Frens
Avius Animae
Avius Animae
The Ghost Project
The Ghost Project
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