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1. NFT Projects to Watch
This week I decided to remove the information about the floor price of each project mentioned in this section. No bias, try to DYOR about a project without barriers (“oh, too cheap, must be a bad project… ”, “oh, too expensive for me, I pass…”)
It’s an experiment… What do you prefer? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter.
Beautiful and colourful collection.
Let's get a #bokifollowboki train going. Share your Boki reveals below ✨#wagboki
The Randoms
It reminds me of Creatures World, but I like this collection a lot better. I grabbed a few.
The Randoms
In the spirit of a virtuous circle, the value in our roadmap cascades from one source to another. 💛🌪

As a patron of the arts, The Randoms aims to support various innovative art projects, and in so doing, adding sustainable and long-lasting value to the community.
Rebel Bots
Beautiful project behind a great P2E game in the making. Highly recommended.
Rebel Bots

Check out the early demo and get excited for the next big P2E experience!

Want to join us in Xoil Wars?

🚀Get your land here ==>

Every Land will get 3 Fighting Bots free!
The Anatomical Project
A very small collection, a great idea, and beautiful items. By Melissa Freund.
Anatomical NFTs 🫁🧠🫀
GM! It finally feels like summer here! High of 85 deg F (29 deg C)🥵😎🌞
ALPHA ALERT: Hide Your Bags (Minting on Jun 2nd)
Very interesting new project (Web3 game) minting on June 2nd by Lazy Lion community member
Lazy Lions members are whitelisted, you can get your spot here (up to 50, I got mine already).
Very interesting gaming mechanics and IRL utility as well, more info on the company website:
I asked the founder (BAYC and Lazy Lion member) for a quote about the project:
We love NFTs and believe a key element to this space thriving is bridging the gap between IRL and web3 development. We want to help others leverage their IP in a meaningful way.
Hide Your Bags
GM Games is proud to announce the mint for our premier game "Hide Your Bags" will go live June 2nd!!

Mint: 0.06E

Enter the GameVerse and bring home a physical copy of the game with each mint!
#HideYourBags #GMGames
2. Featured Collection: AVIUS ANIMAE
Avius Animae is a beautiful collection by artist John Jannuzzi.
The higher %, the better.
The higher %, the better.
The number of listed items has been steadily going down in the past week (good).
Right now there are 1013 items listed, 10% of the total supply.
Most listings are below 0.1 ETH. Like many projects during the bear market, the floor has been falling. Good opportunity to join. The current floor is .008
A lot of listings at .04
A lot of listings at .04
25% of holders never sold since mint, another 55% has been holding for 1-2 months.
Roughly 10% of the total holders have at least 1 Blue-Chip item in their wallet. This number is not very high. To make a comparison, for example 40% of Deadfellaz holders have other blue-chip collections in their wallets.
Avius Animae | Sold Out, Grab on Opensea!
For anybody new to the Avius fam, we’re all about chill vibes, a very positive discord, and doing good. As such, we’ll be donating 50% of our mint (50E) to a charity that supports, uplifts, and betters the lives of those within the LGBTQIA+ community.
3. Up&Down
Up: More than Gamers - MTG
Floor: 0.19 ETH
The floor price of this collection has been falling since mint. Last week was around .04. Now a sudden rise, almost 0.2. Good for those who have been holding or purchased some recently.
Up and Down: Goblin Town WTF
Floor: 1.5 ETH
Sudden spike as well as sudden drop for this controversial collection that is grabbing the attention of many collectors. Will it rise again or another sudden drop is behind the corner?
Goblin Town WTF floor price since launch
Goblin Town WTF floor price since launch
4. Apps & Services: AlphaSharks
Alphasharks is way more than a tool/dashboard to get insights about new and existing NFT collections. It’s an alpha community around a set of advanced tools for NFT monitoring and discovering, accessible through an NFT collection.
You can find the app here:
Using the app is not possible unless you own one of their #NFT, you can find here.
There are quite a few tools in the making and the roadmap is definitely something I will follow closely.
You can find the NFT collection that gives you access to the community here:
Currently, there are 4500 owners/community members for 5969 tokens available, a very high holders/items ratio.
An item from the Alpha Shark NFT collection
An item from the Alpha Shark NFT collection
5. NFT Basics: Marked for "suspicious activity"
This is becoming pretty common lately. If an #NFT is part of a scam (was stolen from the owner’s wallet), the legit owner reports this to OpenSea which reports the item as “suspicious” and prevents the new owner, likely a scammer, from selling it.
This is NOT something I like and in my opinion, this approach should be avoided.
  • other marketplaces like Looksrare and X2Y2 don’t do that so that the item can be easily sold
  • the new buyer, will likely buy an item that can’t be sold on OpenSea, but they are not guilty of anything, so this is not fair
  • scammers are not affected at all and will likely continue to scam others
  • this is not great for LR and X2Y2, since those will likely be seen as “the marketplaces of stolen items”, not great for their reputation.
  • collections owners should complain because it removes some of their items from sale without any reason
I firmly believe this is not the right way to fix the problem. It’s all about security and trust, not creating a problem for other innocent users and for the collections.
Stay safe!
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