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NFT Weekly Report #20 - NFT Weekly Report
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Brought to you by ZenGo, the official Crypto Wallet of this newsletter
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1. NFT Projects to Watch
An item from the Impostors Genesis Aliens collection
An item from the Impostors Genesis Aliens collection
Impostors Genesis Aliens
Floor:  1.2 ETH
Not just an NFT collection, but an entry pass to a P2E game. More details on their website.
Space Riders
Space Riders
Space Riders
Floor:  0.088 ETH
Big boost for this collection in the past days.
Soul Cafè Cards
Floor: 0.03 ETH
Airdropped to all Soul Cafè holders, 1 for each item you own. You can stake them now, together with your Soul Cafè NFTs.
T-Rex Sapiens Order
T-Rex Sapiens Order
T-Rex Sapiens Order
Floor: 0.001
There are just a few for sale, because it used to be a “regular” mint, converted now into a free mint with whitelisted wallets only. Minted yesterday, sold out in 30 minutes.
KatMonstarz (5 free mint pass available)
Get a Free Mint Pass for the upcoming KatMonstarz Collection! 
Limited Supply - First come, first serve!
Up to 5 spots 🙀🙀
🆓 __To get Your free mint Pass__🆓 
1) Join the KatMonstarz Discord
2) Say Into the Chat « filos the lion »
3) you will be granted with Kat Friend role and you will be able to access the *🔥free-mint-pass channel
4) Click on the “LFG” Button in the channel and enter your ETH wallet address
5) You are now registered. You will receive your Free Mint Pass in a few days via airdrop.
Make sure to check your hidden folder on Opensea & unhide it! (It will be a polygon NFT)
The Mint of the Katmonstarz will start on 25th of June
2. Featured collection: Wor(L)d
Usually this section is dedicated to “generative” collections, with different tens to hundreds of traits that, composed together, generate every item of the collection. Sometimes, there could be some unique items, 1/1s, usually the most valuable of the collection.
This time I wanted to focus on a different type of collection, a series of 1/1s created by a single artist following the idea of a ingle person, in this case a student.
First time I saw it I told myself: “WOW”. The art and the story behind each item of the collection are amazing and the first 6 items are just the beginning because this collection will be made of 40 items only, each one unique.
There are not many stats to share. There are 6 items, 3 have been sold already and are not for sale, the other 3 are for sale at 0.07. As soon as those will be sold, other 1/1s will be made available. All of them are VERY beautiful in my opinion.
Current floor: 0.07 ETH
This is not the first project by this student. Another one, InfluentialCreatures, has some unique features that make stand out from other bigger and more hyped collections.
Crizz / InfluentialCreatures
GM ☀️

Wor(L)d Collection tries to explain words from around the world with illustrations and emotions.
Own Smart Contract 📑

indicates the restlessness you feel when you are obsessed with your own disappointments.

Arabic 🇦🇪 🔗
What do these items represent?
The world is made of words as words describe the world.
There are some peculiar ones that arise in some cultures and find no translation.
Here, these are visually reported.
Ohrwurm ("ear worm") from the collection Wor(L)d
Ohrwurm ("ear worm") from the collection Wor(L)d
3. Up&Down
Up: Okay Bears Yacht Club
Floor: 0.17 ETH
Inspired by OK Bears and BAYC, this collection wants to bring together some traits of the two popular NFT projects. Apparently, it was very well accepted by the community, since it launched two days ago and now the floor price is +300%. The sale rate now is 4-5 per minute. DYOR.
Down: Azuki (again)
Floor: 11 ETH (down again)
Price last week: 13.5 ETH
I covered it last week, since the huge drop due to the story below. There are lots of people pissed off by that, so I wanted to check, after one week, if things are getting better. Unfortunately, the answer is no, the floor price is still going down. Will it recover in the next few weeks? Not easy.
Azuki NFT founder, ZAGABOND.ETH, has just admitted to abandoning 3 failed NFT projects before launching the Azuki NFT collection. Soon enough, a rumor started to circulate that the Cool Cats team was behind ZAGABOND.ETH coming clean about his past projects.
4. Apps & Services: is a very useful analytics service for the NFT market. Unlike other similar services, it highlights non-conventional data, analyzing some parameters usually not available in other services, but very useful for collectors, like:
  • breakeven price: the minimum price you should sell for if you buy an item at floor now
  • total resale fee: marketplace % + % withheld by the collection owners
  • % never sold since mint: how many assets were NEVER sold since mint?
  • % paperhands: how many assets are currently for sale below the price they were paid for?
  • % purchased below current floor: how many items could be sold at a profit given the current floor now?
  • best rank for money: best price for their rank. Actually I found this part is not very accurate, since it seems they calculate ranks and are very different from the “official” ranking.
…and much more. I am enjoying using it. The bad part, but can be improved, it’s the UX/UI, a bit rough compared to other services. is a great service, but the user interface could be improved. is a great service, but the user interface could be improved.
5. NFT Basics: NFT staking
In very simple words (I don’t want to cover the technical aspects of staking here), NFT staking is a process some collections make available to their collectors in order to achieve a few important goals:
  • freeze” the items you own so you can’t sell it
  • during the “freeze” period, you earn something, usually a crypto token provided by the collection itself
  • those tokens will have a utility within the ecosystem of the collection, like purchasing something, getting access to whitelists, and more
It’s good for the owners since they passively earn something just by owning the NFTs, it’s good for the community since this process creates “scarcity” of items for sale and will likely positively affect the floor price.
For example, the other day I staked my Soul Cafe NFTs and I am earning $CAFE tokens that can be useful later.
The Soul Cafè NFT staking dashboard
The Soul Cafè NFT staking dashboard
It’s important to highlight that staking involves paying a little gas fee to stake and unstake assets.
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